Wilderness Explorers at AK

My understanding is that this is a type of scavenger hunt. My touring plan sends us to several attractions first thing in the morning (7 different things) and then around 10AM we are to sign up for the WE. Will this mean that we have to retrace our steps and go back to experience things that we’ve already done in order to check them off of the scavenger hunt? Seems like we should sign up for WE first thing in the AM, but since I have absolutely zero experience here, I’ll defer to others who do.

I think I would describe it as bunch of different hunts. There are different things to see or do depending in where you are in the park, and when you complete activities you get a sticker.

To complete the whole book would take at least a day, so you pick and choose.

I’ve asked DD8 to pull out her book and I’ll post pics later.

Yes, there is no order to the activities as @Agent_C says, but you can’t do the safari badge if you’ve already completed the safari.

So, if your Explorers are the type that want to do as many as possible, you would need the book ahead of time. If you just want to tack on this experience, then you can sign up later and still have plenty to do without needing to retrace any steps.

Sign up is a little explanation and pledge, “Up”-style.

The activities can take a while so that may be a factor too - when/if you want to slow down for those. We also couldn’t get it at opening on an EMH opening fyi

Ok, next three posts are pics from the book. Sorry for the delay - had a wifi issue that needed immediate attention.

Next, the map.

Everywhere there is a badge there is an activity.

Sample activity pages.

Is the wilderness explorers activity just for young children or do big kids (30+) play too?

Geared towards kids - fairly easy to read - but no reason a bigger kid couldn’t do it as well. Lots of interesting stuff in it.

You can actually get a book and start getting WE badges at almost any WE station. We have never been to WE headquarters. :slight_smile: Very convenient! Just get the book and a pencil from the CM at the station.

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