Wilderness Explorer duration!

I need some advice. First time going to WDW. I think my kids will love wilderness explorers and I’m trying to work it into my tp near the beginning. The tp says the duration is 25 min. Is that how long it takes to get registered, or can we get in and out faster, then find the badges throughout the day?

Curious, too. My sense is that is enough time to get registered and do some of the activities, but I’d like to be sure.

When we were there in December, it looked like it took a few minutes to sign up and get instructions, then you can take as long as you like with the various badge stations…so total time is up to you…the 25 minutes just seems to be a placeholder of sorts…The kiddos we saw working on the badges seemed to be having a good time…

When we were there in Sept., we had the same experience as longwalk. Easy to sign up on your way in, then collect badges during the day. Agree that the 25 mins seems to be a placeholder for some who just want to sample it.

Also, we had been notified by others that the WE sign-up doesn’t start until 10am, but when we were there, they were up and running by the time we walked by the sign-up around 9:15/30am or so. But something to be aware of.

Our rising first graders (twins) loved WE, and we collected badges all day long.

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