Wilderness Explorer Badges

Is it possible to get all these badges in a single day? I want to allow DS5 to get them all on his own, without my help navigating the map or anything, but I’m worried that we won’t be able to get them all in a single day.

Because of SWW, we may only have one AK day this trip. He would be crushed if he wasn’t able to get all the badges.

Any tips? thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile:

PS. we do not have park hoppers this trip

It is possible, but it will consume a lot of your day. There is definitely time to go on rides, but I don’t think we did any shows the day DS8 completed his. Start right when you can get your book (I think it is 9) and the day we were there the park was open until 8, but Wilderness explorer stations closed at 6. Pay attention to where all of the badges are located so you don’t have to backtrack. We had a lot of fun doing it and even though he completed all of the badges the first time he went through DS8 wanted to do it again last trip!

Do you get something for doing them all? Honorary wilderness explorer sash?