Wild Africa Trek?

Based in part on wonderful reviews from folks on here, I was looking at the possibility of doing WAT during our July trip. I just checked for times and realized there are currently none scheduled for any dates. Did I miss some news about WAT? Are they not offering that tour anymore? If there were some dates listed but not yet July dates, I guess I would assume they just aren’t posting them until closer to our dates. But since none are listed, I wondered if it means something more is going on.

I would check back closer. I haven’t heard anything about it ending and I would be surprised if it did. I think we only made our reservation about 2-3 months in advance.

I thought I remembered you saying that. I hope that’s all it is. But shouldn’t there at least be a posted schedule for the tour over the next few months then?

The site has been mega-glitchy since the discounts came out last week. Maybe try giving a call!

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I booked it for March. I could not find any info either on the website, all they had was a price range. I called and was told you can only book it by phone. The first CM was very vague, couldn’t give me a lot of details so I hung up and called back the next day. That CM had a lot more knowledge about the tour. When I booked it 4 months out, I could pretty much pick and choose what time I wanted. They had a lot of availability.


Thank you. I am glad to know they are still booking the tour. I’ll call when we get closer to our trip.

It’s probably the best thing I’ve done at WDW, but if you are going in July, book as early in the AM as possible!!! I did mine on a cloudy day in November, and I still broke a sweat. I said to one of the guides “This must be brutal at noon in the summer” and her reply was “You have no idea…”


Yes, I agree. Back when they posted times :slight_smile: there was an 8:00 tour and that is my plan if it’s still being offered.

We were able to book it at our 180 day dining reservation date by phone so I would try then (or now if you are already at your date).

Oh good! I’m a week out from my ADR date, which is why I was trying to figure it out. I’ll call after I get my ADRs set that day. Thanks

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