Wild Africa Trek

Considering doing the Wild Africa Trek in October. Two questions: First, is it worth the price? We did the night time safari at AKL last year and we loved it. I would do it again but I’m looking for something new. Second, is this tour the group you see when you are riding Kilimanjaro Safaris? We can usually spot a vehicle that is clearly not part of the ride roaming around the savannah. Is this part of the tour or is it something else?

  1. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. It is worth it. So worth it!

  2. Also yes! The safari vehicle for the tour is able to stop, which means you get some incredibly cool shots.

The tour was one of the highlights of my last trip. I can’t recommend it enough!

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Oooooohhh! I think your answer alone has convinced me. Next decision: would doing the Wild Africa Trek AND the Night Safari during one trip be too much!

How far in advance can you make reservations?

I believe 180 days out like ADRs.

If you enjoy the tours and don’t feel like your giving up other things to do them no reason you couldn’t do both. Just keep in mind WAT is a very physical tour and you may be exhausted afterwards. It’s not just riding around in a vehicle. It’s also usually quite a hot tour if you are going in the warmer months.

WAT is the best thing I have ever done in a Disney park; worth every penny to me. There IS a fair amount of walking, mostly on somewhat uneven ground (and suspended bridges), but I did not find it to be physically challenging (and I’m pretty sedentary). I did it in November and had no issues with the weather, but I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much if it had been in the hotter months. I jokingly mentioned to one of the guides “I can only imagine what this must be like in August”. Her response, with little humor in her voice, was “No, you can’t”…

I agree with @bswan, it would be an uncomfortable tour to do in hot weather. I went in late September/early October, and did the 8:00 tour. Even at that point in the year, when it’s a little cooler, I’d have keeled over on the tour that started at noon. They do their best to keep you hydrated and comfortable, but you’re still out in the sun and heat. And it is kind of exhausting, as @Outer1 mentioned. But it’s also awesome!

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