Wild Africa Trek - thoughts?

Have been dreaming of Wild Africa Trek for some time. DS 13 is afraid of heights - but I think may do okay if he “had” to. He loves animals and the regular safar. Are there any other options besides the rope bridges? Is there anything else I should be aware of? Husband and I would love to do, but not prepared to leave DS 13 alone so far from home.

The rope bridge part is relatively mild. I didn’t get the sensation that I was going to die or anything - it’s nowhere near something like ziplining. It was pretty mild. My hunch is that he’d like it. Plus, you know, there’s good food at the end.

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$189 to $249 plus tax. Price varies with season. The rope bridge isn’t that bad. There is a net underneath it also. Plus, you are hooked with the harness. I had some people on my trek that were scared and did it without any problem.

The rope bridge is fine and I don’t like heights, I wish it would have had more of that type of thing. Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed it I just wish it would have been more of a ‘trek’, a bit more adventurous not sure what more I wanted I just know I came away thinking I had spent a lot for not so much.

I not a big fan of heights but had no problem with the bridges. I think it was the harness that really helped.

I’ll be doing this for the first time in a couple weeks!! I thought I read somewhere that there’s a bypass around the rope bridge for those who really don’t want to do it, although I understand you end up missing some things if you do that. I can’t remember where I saw that info - if I find it I’ll report!

Thanks for all the input. I know he would enjoy it, but at the same time it is a lot of money if he is for some reason unable to complete. If I knew there was a bypass (and didn’t tell him, but was available just in case), it would help me in planning for and being excited about the tour.

@jiminy_vickit recently posted on main chat about doing the WAT and might know what the options are for those that don’t want to do the rope bridge – @Mr_Itty has also done the WAT. Maybe one of them can provide more detail about what happens if your DS doesn’t want to do the rope bridge???

Yes there is an alternate tour for the first half of the WAT for those who either do not fit in the harness best or for those who are not able to complete the bridge crossings. What you would miss: walking through fern forest and quiet wooded areas behind the scenes, seeing up close the hippos and their feeding, and up close with the crocodiles. The harness and vest keep you “safe” when looking over the ridge at the crocs and hippos, and while crossing the two bridges. If the DS is young, I would imagine an adult would need to stay with him during the alternative part. Still a a great tour if you cannot do the harness/vest portion.

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