Wild Africa Trek is coming back in February!

We did this tour in February 2020 and will definitely do it again. There was a man on our tour that had been over 30 times.

does anyone know if this is bookable 60 days from the day you want, vs 60 + length of stay? I don’t want to miss my window, lol.

I’ve been on many of the tours at WDW and WAT was by far my favorite. It’s a great tour, but my biggest takeaway was how professional it was. Not to say the other tours are unprofessional. WAT was overly professional. I was most impressed because the young men running it were all of 22 years old. I was not use to young people behaving so professionally. They were engaging and knowledgeable to the point the love for their job was palpable. To this day I think about those young men and how they made it through the pandemic/shut down.

@thrasher543 - From what I remember, the tour was not tied to a 60 day window.


Pretty sure I booked Rhinos at my ADR start date (which would have been 180+10 at the time) for a date beyond my arrival day. So I would guess they are 60+10

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in case anyone is reading this in the future, I can confirm my “stay +10” window allowed me to book my Wild Africa Trek this morning for Feb 22nd :slight_smile: I am so excited!


It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done at WDW.


One thing that I find odd is being able to select the time like an ADR. Didn’t it used to be two choices, a morning time or an afternoon time? I liked being able to select a time. Our plan is to early rope drop FOP and then do the Trek.

How many time slots are they offering? That is a little odd. I think there were more than two options, but maybe not more than four?

There were three for the morning offered to me.

So that either sounds the same or only slightly expanded

That is good news. I was a little worried that they changed the Trek. Which would mean made it worse.

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I vaguely recall there being an 8 am and a 10am and then two afternoon ones

I’m hopeful that they are just responding to the popularity and not scaling back at all. I’m not sure what they would scale back on, honestly

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It has to be in the range of a VIP tour as far as profitability to Disney. Three hours and the cost is a little over $200. So, $70/hr per person and 10 people makes it $700/hr. More than one employee involved.

Yes each Trek gets two guides.

It used to be that the times after 11am (I believe) got the AP discount. It didn’t apply to the 8am or 10am WAT times.


Does anyone know how often / when they run the Up Close with Rhinos tour?

I think that and the Caring For Giants was almost hourly

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Now on an unrelated note, if there was a Sacred Space at AK, how would that walk-up work for a noob such as myself?
If I was interested in chillaxing there for a spell on a grand afternoon, can I arrange a specific time to return or is it walk up and get what I get or what?

Walk up and get what you get.

I like to arrive at 10:40 to rope drop it, personally. Being one of the first gives me my pick of tables and the option for inside or out. But the day I met up with @dboothsummers i put my name on waitlist around 12:30 and had a 90 min wait. You can state preference for inside outside or first available when joining wait list. Never trust the app. It lies and says waitlist is full all the time. Go to the host stand to join the list.


They were only doing the rhino tour once or twice a day when I did it in February 2020. The others they do much more frequently.

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