Wild Africa Trek -- Anyone done the afternoon times?

I’m doing the 2:30 tour 5/21 - it’s the only one that fits into the schedule. I’ll be happy to report back on how it goes!


I’ll be very interested in your report!

Another thing to think about is to my experience late afternoon is the most likely time for a rain storm. Now the animals may like the rain more, but parts of the tour may not happen in the rain. Like the rope bridge.

Sorry to put a potential wrench in your plans.

I knew that was a risk I was taking when I changed the reservation. But I wanted to fit things into my schedule and that was the best way to do it.

Well i wish you clear skies for your tour.

I think that’s the motto on the Liners’ coat of arms!


That and poncho up.

My family of 5 adults ages 23 - 62 did the Wild Africa Trek at noon the last week of June. We had a blast! We had never done it before so I can’t compare it to the morning times. We did see lots of animals on the safari portion (rhinos, zebras, cheetahs, giraffes, flamingos, ostriches, antelope to name a few). We got lucky with the weather. It was hot, but not that humid (for FL).

We took a later time because 1) we were arriving from offsite that day and 2) we got a discount.

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Ok, I’m going to do a full report, but I know you’re trip is getting closer…so here’s what I’ve got. Originally, my niece and I were the only 2 on the trek when we checked in at 2:15. They had another family sign up completely last minute, but that was still only 5 people in total. We were a little worried about the weather, but literally had no rain whatsoever - it was overcast with a breeze which was perfect.

Most of the animals were very active. They had a single hippo come out to eat what the trainer was throwing and we spent quite a bit of time here learning about them. In the second hippo pool, baby Gus was out with 2 others, swimming around and eventually climbing out of the water just as I was crossing the bridge overhead. So cool.

We then headed to the painted dogs who were hanging out waiting to be let into the back stage area, but who were all up and about. Then lots of giraffes and other creatures on the plains.

We stopped for the snack and our guides told us that if we went to the viewing platform, we would see all 3 lions in perfect position for viewing. They were originally all asleep, but eventually while we watched, all 3 got up to find more comfy places to sleep.

The white rhino named Frank was a hoot. He seemed to keep showing up and wanting his picture taken. But apparently our biggest treat was the cheetahs. I have always seen them laying down WAY in the back of their area, but one was standing on the rock closest to the road. Amazing to see her so close.

I’ll post a full review with photos (and there were a TON of great shots they took for us!) but it was as advertised - an amazing adventure and we had a ball!


32 days to go!

Thanks for your comments so far — very interesting.

That sounds amazing! So cool that you could see the lions from the pavillion! I didn’t even realize they were close since we drove a bit down the way after we got back in the truck following our snack. Would have been amazing to have seen them from the pavillion!

But as interesting as mine??? Hmm???

You’re not getting out of taking the blame for my trip if it rains.

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Surely if @FindMeAFishingSpot is contributing, they should shoulder some of the burden. I have relatively small shoulders.

You should have thought about that when you were forcing people to sign up to WAT.


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Very sadly, Morgan Freeman is probably not the guy you want to be posting right now.

I’ve been caught in a work cycle and the world could seriously end without my realizing it when that happens. What’s up with Freeman?

That’s become more likely, too.