Wild Afrian Trek @ AK, 9:30am time any good?


Anyone ever done the Wild African Trek at 9:30am? Just wondering if the animals are still active at this time for the money it cost.


We did the WAT two weeks ago starting at 1145. It was fantastic! Definitely worth doing. We were there when it was quite hot (for us from the UK anyway) around 80s. The animals you see whilst walking are all close to you. The hippos were visible but distant when we first arrived at that viewpoint but the expert who was talking at that stand lured them over with food and we had a great display of teeth and playing in the water. Towards the end of the tour you get into a safari vehicle and get driven round a similar route to KS with the difference being the WAT group get to stay longer to view different animals. We stayed for a long time at the elephants because baby Stella was being very active and playing. The only animals we didn't see were the big cats. But we went on KS later on in our holiday in the evening and got to see them then. I really don't think timing matters that much on the WAT except for your own personal limits with heat at certain times of the year. We highly recommend this tour.


Thank you for sharing!!