Wifi quality in resort rooms

I experienced various quality of wifi in resort rooms. For my family, a stable connection is important when relaxing in room and streaming a movie on the iPad. My last visit, PORFQ had horrible wifi in the room…the signal kept dropping. At Copper Creek and SSR, wifi was strong and stable in the room.

Does anyone have recent experience with wifi in Poly resort (non villa)?


We stayed in Poly - Fiji, first floor - and did not have any issues. DD and DS both streamed a lot in the last hour before sleep and nobody reported issues.

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That’s interesting, we had no issues at al at POFQ. It could vary by room or building.

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I will share it wasn’t good at OKW in building 35. Spotty.

we were at Boardwalk in April. If i remember correctly, it was mostly okay. I may have had to switch it off from time to time (I have unlimited cellular anyway). we even had several devices streaming at once.

Is Wifi free in the rooms? We are staying at GF and I assumed it was since we are paying 8 million dollars to stay there.

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you got a great rate!!

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It’s free! Hence why the quality is sometimes iffy.