WiFi/Cell Service at POFQ

We are staying at POFQ in December for the first time. Actually, it’s my and my husband’s first time to Disney in nearly 30 years! I’ve read about spotty WiFi/cell service, but can’t recall anything specific to POFQ. Can anyone provide feedback on their experience? We have service with Verizon Wireless. TIA! 138 days and counting…


We stayed in building 2 at PORQ last October and Verizon coverage and WDW wifi was fine in that building in the lobby & food court areas. IMO, Verizon coverage is pretty good all over WDW although I have experienced issues on super-crowded days like the 4th of July and New Years Eve. There are some dead zones in some queues and buildings in the parks. I find Disney WiFi to be generally ok, but not great, at the resorts. Disney WiFi is spotty and subject to being overloaded the parks.

Have a great trip!

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I had terrible service all over Disney in 2015. Text was great. Cell, Wifi and Verizon 3G were all terrible!