Wifi availability out of parks

I know that there is wifi available in the 4 main parks, but what about at other places on Disney property - hotels, water parks, mini golf, DTD, transportation etc. Coming from the UK, so unless I would like to return to a bill the same size as the cost of the holiday (which I don’t) I will only be using wifi to connect to the internet when we’re at Disney.

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@BigPetesWife last time I was at WDW there was no wifi! So I can not specifically answer your question, however I can say that I am bringing a hotspot with me just in case

About the only place I list the wifi was on transportation. At re sports you switch from in room to public wifi and you nay have to connect each time, but it is there!

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When we were there in March there was only wifi in the 4 main parks & the hotels. No wifi on transport, water parks, DTD or mini golf.
To avoid costs make sure that you turn all your data off, only leave basic phone/texting signal on & take advantage of the wifi when it is available to you :slight_smile:

The only place it wasn’t available that I really missed it was DTD. Didn’t find much need for it at WP or mini golf. Would be really nice on transportation though, to check wait times/FPPs on way to park!


Just out of curiosity, what about at the Board Walk? Are there some places in close enough proximity to the BW resort to be able to get onto their wifi?

Hello, I’m from the UK so I understand the issues! In my experience I could get Wifi in the parks - good enough to message/tweet everywhere but not often strong enough to Skype (or Viber Call or whatever…). There was Wifi outside the turnstiles, if that helps, so when waiting for RD I could check stuff.
There’s nothing on the transport (buses, boats, monorails).
We stayed at OKW - there was Wifi in the room (good connection) and the Hospitality House, but nothing outside the room - like at the pool or bus stop, which was a little frustrating. There wasn’t anything at BB, and I can’t remember DTD, but I want to say that I think there was - could be wrong on that one though.