WiFi and cell signal in AK

Anyone have a recollection of how good/bad the WiFi and cell signals are in the queue for KRR? TP has me there when the 1:01 SDD FP drop happens.

Can’t say for KRR queue precisely but I had to walk around a lot to make MDE work in AK, especially around KS and Harambe Market.

It has been a few years, but my experience with Wifi throughout the parks is that it is spotty. Or rather, it doesn’t want to keep you connected very long. You might connect, but the next time you do something, you are disconnected and have to manually re-connect back. It was super annoying, to say the least.

I can’t speak to the cell signal, however. Last trip, we didn’t have Cellular Data on our phone plans.

Yes this makes me realize I was not very precise. I was referring to Wifi quality.

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Thanks. I remember having issues in Pandora. But KRR was closed for refurb on our last trip so wasn’t sure how it is over there.

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Thanks. As I said above - Pandora was an issue last time. But I found a little pocket and got a SDD FOP. Hoping to repeat the same. Might have to revamp my TP for a break at that time so I can wander until I have a better signal.

I’ve never had an issue with wifi in any of the parks, but I do know that it varies enormously between phone makes and models. DH used to have a iPhone which quite frankly seemed to have an appalling wifi aerial. He switched to an LG which is much better, but still nowhere near as good as my Samsung. So, the signal will vary a lot depending on your device. There’s an article about it here if anyone is interested: https://smartphonesrevealed.com/phones-with-best-antenna/?showall=true

Interesting! We have iPhones but I am contemplating switching my daughter to a Samsung.