Why you should modify

Day 60: Na’vi, Kali, KS
Day 58: FOP (but too early, 10am with my flight landing at 8:45am), Kali, KS
Day 56: Kali at 1:55, FOP at 2:55, KS later.

Modify, people! Keep modifying!


Nice work!

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Curious. Can you modify to a different ride? It appears you modified Navi to FOP. Did you have to drop Navi to go for FOP? Or were you able to see FOP as an option before dropping Navi?

When I’ve gone in to modify a Tier 1 FPP, I’ve had the option to modify to another Tier 1. Screen cap-

Same as what @s.whitaker1010 said. When I modified, all the other rides came up as choices, including FOP, but FOP was on the bottom, unavailable. It was really easy to snag when it opened up bc it is first on the list alphabetically, so when , I saw Avatar instead of Dinosaur, I clicked like a mad woman.


I think there is some drop off in usefulness, though.
I had the 30 day window and had great luck modifying for a few days and then it was dead for a week, just nothing opening up despite hours spent at it. Then, this past Saturday, 7DMT opened but at 9 pm. I managed to mod to 6:45 and am hoping I can get earlier as we get closer, but I think there is a lull there. I am crossing my fingers that stuff will open at better times as I get closer.