Why would DCA close at 5 PM Sept. 15?

So, DCA is closing at 5 PM on Thursday, September 15. Just a CM party? They wouldn’t need the time to do any Halloween overlays…

Do you think DCA will be less crowded on that day because more people (without Park Hoppers) will choose Disneyland?

We’re usually done by 5 PM anyway, so it (probably) wouldn’t affect us. Just wondering what we might expect.

Bonus question: do the Annual Passholder days increase crowd levels?


I’ve been wondering too on Sep 15th. Could be a CM party. So far only thing I have heard is private event, but no more details than that. Those that are in the know about the early closure and are without park hoppers will probably choose DL, but it’s hard to say how many will be in the know.

As for your bonus question: It probably will be an increase but not anything drastic and they will most likely be taking advantage of the offerings for APs such as character meets, photo ops, etc. The last time we were there during AP days, the lines for all of those things especially for characters was full. Also, a lot of the local crowd won’t stay the whole day either, so it shouldn’t have a terrible impact on crowds either.

Glad I’m not the only one not in the know about Sept. 15.

Thanks for the reply. I’ll post back if I learn anything more.