Why would Aug 2016 crowd levels change already?

I just started some early planning for our August 2016 trip. Today, my crowd level tracker has indicated changes. Since I’m assuming crowd levels, this far in advance, are solely based on historical data, what would make crowd levels change 9 months early?

some details from yesterday’s blog:

Funny, I have a Labor Day 2016 trip booked and I received notice today too. Based on the reports from this year I expected 7s and 8s and it is no where near that. Regardless of the number I will plan for massive crowds and I will enjoy every single minute regardless of the crowds! You will have a magical trip!

Thanks. Informative read.

Plan for large crowds period. That’s the only way to plan now.

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Lol, Sunday went from a 3 to a 7 in MK. I cannot wait to see if this is the “new normal”!