Why won't my touring plan use my space mountain fast pass?


It won’t use my fast pass for space mountain 12:25pm why not?

@danjfoley please “publish” your plan so others can look at it. Click on “Edit” towards the top & click on the check box “publish this plan?” Then share the link it provides, thanks.

The most often reasons a TP won’t use a FP could be:

  1. TP found a better time to ride that doesn’t require a FP.
  2. You moved the ride time to outside your FP time, so it can’t use it.


It’s neither of those. I have a 29 min wait on space mountain, but i have a fast pass that would let me on just fine at 12:25pm. If it would just move space mountain after it’s a small world.

You’re riding Space Mt at 11:02am in the morning.
Your FP is set for 12:25am in the morning (not the afternoon).
Even if your FP was set for 12:25pm in the afternoon, Disney wouldn’t let you use a 12:25am or a 12:25pm FP at 11:02am in the morning.

So #2 “The ride time is outside your FP time” applies.

Move some or all of the other stuff (Carousel, small world, Philharmagic) to before Space Mt, and change your FP to 12:25pm, and all will be well in the world.

Also, after moving Space Mt. to after those other rides, use EVALUATE, not OPTIMIZE.

Also, no optimizer would have you waiting around until 12:25am in the morning to ride Space Mt. :wink:

Go well.

There you go! Why didn’t I notice that!

thanks! it works fine now.

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(ahem) I’ve done the same thing once or twice… another set of eyes often helps. :smile:
Glad I could help.

Hey, looks you’ve got more time before Space Mt. to do more stuff.
Go enjoy the PeopleMover there. :wink: