Why the wait time difference? AK, CL 1, 9/3 vs 9/13

So looking at these 2 graphs/data:



Both are CL 1. 9/3 = tuesday, 9/13 = friday. Why is KS 14 minute diff at 8am?

I was planning to “RD” @8 am since I am off-site (no EEMH for me), but for 9/3 I was not going to get FPP, but for 9/13 I might get one since had 19-21 min wait per my TP


I’m assuming it’s because on Friday’s there are typically more people visiting the park than on a Tuesday.

Thought that too. But both at CL 1. Further research shows 1 day tix prices are different as well. Guessing this is the “range” on any given CL day along with season: value (:roll_eyes: ), regular, etc.

I don’t think you can use a single ride wait time to base a CL from. At least Touring Plans doesn’t.


Also, I believe that CLs are determined from the wait times for a given group of attractions during peak park hours, not RD. The wait time model may just be predicting a RD surge here that evens out over the day as they add more capacity.

@brklinck and @ryan1 - yeah. I was thinking that after my post last evening. Since CLs are determined from like 10a-5p or something like that, then as long as those times are consistent then CL is determined . it doesn’t matter necessarily what happens right before or after them.

It was just kind of weird on the wait times and I hadn’t noticed it until yesterday.

Thanks for your help.