Why should I love the Poly? ❤️

We usually stay at WL but our TA (Virgin hols) are not taking bookings for it in 2017…boo. So I had my heart set on the GF but my DH and DS are not keen as they say it seems too ‘Britishy’ looking (their words not mine!). They fancy the Poly. Tell me some lovely things about the Poly :heart: BTW I hate pineapples with a passion :smirk: Sell it to me liners :slight_smile:

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Sorry - my preference would be GF to be 100% honest. It is more expensive - but also more refined. It is NOT stuffy -but rather refined and tasteful. The poly always makes me think of the Brady Bunch trip to Hawaii and Vincent Price is going to jump out at me somewhere along the line. I know people have a “THING” for the Poly - I don’t share that. I have loved the WL - but if that isn’t an option - I would do GF instead. Sorry.

Doesn’t answer your question, but why not try another TA who can get you what you want?

Because Virgin do a great deal on WDW packages with lots of freebies… I have tried doing it another way but it always works out more expensive

Thanks for your input…I get your reasoning ( I truly do!) but I think the guys kind of want to do the Brady bunch in Hawaii thing! We don’t get that kind of thing here in the UK! We do get a lot of refined tho :smile:

I stayed at Poly in April and I am returning in September. The main pool is great, but I prefer the Oasis quiet pool. There are two CS (one at the Oasis Pool) and Captain Cooks, multiple great bars and a dole whip store! There is a beach, the ability to walk to GF or the TTC to get the monorail to EP. Plus a boat and monorail to MK! There are paths to walk and run- lovely resort.

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I have to say that I’ve never really had any desire to stay at the Poly, but that’s probably because it’s always reminded me of all of the kitschy “Polynesian” restaurants that I went to with my parents in the 70s (not surprisingly, when the Poly was first built). Coming from the UK, you won’t have this retro-nostalgia baggage, so you will probably love it (and if your family wants the retro Brady Bunch goes to Hawaii feel, I don’t think they’ll be disappointed). It has one of the most beautiful pools on the property, newly refurbished rooms, and a brand new “modern” lobby (although most people still long for the original waterfall). The two TS restaurants, Kona and Ohana, get uniformly good reviews, and the QS, Capt’n Cooke’s is considered by many to be one of the best in WDW. The newest addition, Trader Sam’s, is a really fun place to get a (very good) drink and some apps.The grounds are beautiful, and it’s right on the monorail. There’s also a beach that you can walk on (but not swim from). But skip the Luau Show. I’m in a definite minority when it comes to not wanting to stay there.

That being said, I personally would take the Victorian elegance of the GF over the Poly any day. I don’t know if you’ve considered it, but IMHO the Animal Kingdom Lodge is the most beautiful resort in WDW, and having animals right off of your balcony is truly magical.


Like you @AllmadhereUK I prefer the Wilderness lodge but I stayed at the Poly last year. All the restaurants at the Poly are very good. We ate there three times on our trip earlier this month even though we were not staying there. The rooms at the Poly are bigger than anything we’ve had at the WL and the 1st and 3rd floor rooms have balconies. I love the outdoor Trader Sam’s Terrace bar at the Poly and they have live entertainment in the evening. The Poly just re-opened the quite pool and a bar/snack area near it. I haven’t checked it out but I’ve read good things about it.

The southeast area of the Wilderness property is a wreck right now with the DVC expansion. The beach, boats and bikes are gone. The expansion project isn’t expected to complete until late 2017 so I think that you are better off not staying at the WL.


Sorry but what is CS? Still getting to grips with all the abbreviations! What are the rooms like?? Probably be doing lagoon/ theme park view…also will it suit DS21 as well as DS12? What’s the best eatery? Does it get hugely busy ie round the pool (will be going October)?
Thanks for replying :grinning:

CS=Counter Service=QS=Quick Service; just two different terms for the same thing.

I did think of the AKL as its on the same lines as WL but it’s just a bit remote for us. DH likes the convenience of being near MK (our fav park) we will have a car but hubby is not going to want to drive it much… Wants to kick back with a beer! The bars sound good…we do like to unwind in the Eve’s and I’m liking the sound of the pools :smile:
Thanks for your input

I have a feeling that’s why Virgin is not taking bookings for it and to be fair I wouldn’t want to stay there if it’s a wreck. Do like a bit of entertainment when I’m sipping a rum cocktail…so Trader Sams sounds just the ticket! Must say am warming to the Poly lol!
Thanks for the reply

Can’t comment on the rooms or how busy the pool gets as I have never stayed there.

I think it would be enjoyable for any age.

Kona is a “traditional” TS restaurant that has a large menu and features things with a “Polynesian” flair. The sushi is excellent; some of the best at WDW. Ohana does a Stitch Character breakfast. I do neither big breakfasts nor character meals so I have never been. At dinner it’s kind of like a Brazilian steakhouse; they bring around meat on skewers and have assorted sides and desserts. It’s all you can eat. It’s also VERY popular, so make your ADRs as soon as possible.

If DS21 enjoys a bit of partying, I think he will fall in love with Trader Sam’s (the inside bar). Great drinks and a great chance to meet other people and have a good time.

Confession…I’ve never had Polynesian food!!

DS21 will only like it if they have heavy rock music!!

It’s somewhat similar to Chinese, but with more fruit. Kona has more “traditional” stuff as well.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) he’s going to find very little of that at WDW. Atlantic Dance Hall over on the Boardwalk may be the only place he would be able to “rock out” - unless there’s a concert at House of Blues in Disney Springs…

Ooooo I love Chinese food…lived in HK for a bit so I’m all for that…will just pick out the pineapple bits lol!

We are going to try house of blues and the Hard Rock Cafe (it is his birthday after all!) other than that it will be from his phone

You will have a great time at POLY. I can understand it if the family wants to go there. This is truely a “personal” preference things. All the deluxe hotels at WDW are great. POLY is an “original” as a kid I ALWAYS wanted to stay there. Now my tastes have changed - but it is a cult classic.

ALK is wonderful - but it is remote.

Another option - is to stay at one of the EPCOT resorts (if you plan on spending more time at Epcot / HS) Beach club / yacht / Boardwalk are all great. They are MORE like GF than the Poly but have a decidedly “beach” feel to them. It is a fun area. However there is nothing like staying near the MK and taking the Monorail. No mater where you stay you will enjoy it.

The contemporary is also nice. It is more reminiscent of a Hyatt than anything Disney - but the location is great and depending on the age of the kids - they may enjoy it as well.