Why no special offers for the general public beginning 2022?

I’ve been hoping for special offers for January 2022 for the general public, but there aren’t any. Typically they are released in October. But here it is 12/7 and nothing.
When I look for hotel, dining and special event (ie. Savi’s workshop) availability for the last week of January, most things are already unavailable! So, I’m guessing they don’t need to entice anyone with special offers.
But why not? Is the demand that high on its own, or are they still limiting capacity at hotels, restaurants and events?

Because they don’t need to. I am shocked that they offered anything at all.

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Capacity is definitely still limited.


There’s almost nothing open

Compared to September and before the parks/resorts appear much more packed from what I can tell from trip reports. I can also tell you that I’m constantly searching for hotels and they are few and far between about three months out these days. So for example if I look to move around my Jan trip there’s literally 0 results showing up including swandolphin. There are Disney Springs hotels but that’s it. It was not like that precovid. I could always find something available. So my intuition says they are still limiting capacity and not because of Covid but because of staffing. And demand is up for the 50th and the people that were waiting for the pandemic to end have given up and are traveling especially given that 5+ can get vaccinated now. So the capacity is maxed out which is why you can’t buy annual passes, get park reservations or find hotels or dining.

Add in to that the fear of traveling out of country because if you do get Covid or even if you had it two months ago you might still test positive and won’t be able to get home so let’s stay domestic. What can we do but go to Disney and National Parks! :wink:


“It’s Complicated” and no one outside of Disney management really knows why. The special offers you ask about were discontinued Oct 1st when the 50th anniversary kicked in, like jennyturin observed. Unless you are a member of a special marketing group Disney is targeting, like AP holders, members of the military or a Florida resident, there are no hotel specials available right now. And that’s’ a lot of people with the means and ability to frequent WDW. Disney knows that. At the same time however, Disney is engaged in a fair amount of advertising to everyone else in America promoting WDW. There were several national ads on television this past weekend hyping the parks and staying at a Disney resort. I also posted this huge newspaper ad which appeared my local paper a couple of months ago.

50th anniversary ad

Yet, if you try to respond to the ads by looking for a room in the next few months availability is tight, or non-existent, constantly changing … and stunningly expensive. If you listen to what they say to the financial community, Disney management truly believes there is pent up demand for park attendance. Sophia818 is spot on. :cry:

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You are more right than you know. :grin: Last Friday we took the grand daughter to see the Christmas lights display at Silver Dollar City in Branson. When we got there and I saw the huge crowd I made the dumb man mistake of saying to my wife, maybe we shouldn’t do this. After getting “that look” we ended up going in even though I felt like we were packed in like sardines. I’ve never seen a crowd that big there before.

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I think there are offers for AP holders and maybe Florida residents &/or Reward Card holders.

I guess they don’t think they need to offer anything else right now.