Why isn't there an option to just add one day PH?

So if you book the package as single day tickets, you have to add PH for every day? If I’ve already used say 4 of my 6 days could I add PH to the last two days while one the park?

Well, technically you can. But it costs exactly the same as adding PH for the entire trip. :slight_smile:

The reason is clear, from a business perspective. If you could just pay a small amount for a park hopper addition to one day, people would be more inclined to reduce their relatively short trips by a day, etc. So they charge enough for Park Hoppers to help drive up some revenue.

Oh…did you think they offered Park Hoppers for the benefit for their guests? :wink:

It’s all about the moolah!


But it is nice that they offer the upgrade option at all. The advice I give people who aren’t sure if they will actually park hop is to not buy it, and if they find out when they are there that they want to hop, upgrade then. It costs the same and if they decide not to do it, it costs nothing.


Yes, they do it this dumb way to make money of course. This is why I don’t PH. We’d probably only consider doing it 1 day and it’s not worth the extra cost. Better to just return early one day and relax.

If Park Hopper sales took a nose dive, then they’d probably consider it.

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If WDW is making more money with it this way, then it sounds like a smart way of doing it, not a dumb way.

Smart for them, dumb for people who want to save money!

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I don’t expect WDW to be looking out for what’s in the best interest of my wallet.


Neither do I. Just pointing out that whether it’s smart or dumb depends on which perspective you’re looking at it from.

You’re right. It’s smart of Disney’s part. I think it’s dumb personally.