Why is there a large gap between steps in my optimized TP?

I set up a TP for HS arriving at 9:30am and leaving at 9pm. Balanced walking and waiting times. First step is at 9:35 next is at 9:51, then nothing again until 3pm. I cannot figure it out. Thanks!

When optimizing, it is finding the best times that give you the shortest wait (or walk) times. But if you have more hours in your day than you need to get everything done, it will leave gaps in your plan because if you were directed to a ride then, it would increase your wait times.

ETA: You can try reducing your planned hours in the park. Maybe set it up so you arrive at 9:30, and then finish at, say, 3:00. It should optimize now finding the shortest waits within that time period.


I agree this is something I don’t like about TP and Genie is apparently doing it too. The workaround with TP is to shorten your day in the park and it’ll squeeze it in. This way with the later hours you can do rerides, or if there is a delay or broken ride you’ll have padding.

With Genie Touringplans said in twitter if you delete the next step it’ll adjust but you have to delete it and then add it back later to get it to fill in a gap.

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I get why it is odd, but it also makes complete sense considering the goal of TP is to minimize WAIT times. So putting you in longer lines just so it can fill up a certain time frame would be…wrong?

If you really want to make sure you get all your rides and such done earlier in the day, then eliminating the less busy time of the day is the only solution that makes sense.

Of course, there is also the option of using evaluate instead of optimize, but then you might not end up with the optimal ordering.

Ideally, if you want to spend the day in HS, then you optimize and start filling the empty spots with extra things to do. Maybe an ADR, or a show, or just wandering around SWGE. Could also add in some break time outside the park in the afternoon.

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I’ve been building a TP for a friend of mine who is going back to WDW for the first time in 15 years and is bringing her DS8 and DS6. Because they’re West Coast and staying off site, I’ve set start time for right at park open and the first step TP suggests doesn’t happen until nearly 2 or 3 hours later for the same reason.

My advice to her is going to be to look at posted wait times upon arrival and do whatever feels palatable and then just remove them from the actual TPs (or re-ride!).

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You dont have enough in the day. TP figures out the optimal time to do your list. Sometimes Ill make a “break” for something I want to do at s certain time to get TP to put it in the plans earlier, rather than later.