Why is the personalized touring plan giving me a 102 minute wait at FastPass kiosk?

I can’t understand why this is happening - it’s saying there will be a 102 minute wait at a FastPass kiosk. We will have previously used a FastPass and have just pulled one for World of Color. Why a 102 minute wait?

I’ve used this program multiple times in the past and had great success with it, but it seems a little wonky right now. Any thoughts?

Sometimes I find if I try to get too tricky or too close with my FP steps before I fix it entirely, steps can get stuck with weird extra time like that. Without seeing the plan, it seems like it thinks you’re not entitled to a FP for all that time. But I’m not sure exactly what the issue is for your specific plan. Whenever I run into something like this I try to re-arrange a few steps & Evaluate to get it to try & kick the kink out & then arrange it back to the order it was. If you can’t get it to sort out the extra time you can always email webmaster@touringplans.com. They are very responsive & super helpful when there are issues in any plans. Sometimes starting a new fresh plan can help too, but I would try emailing them first before starting all over.

If you share the plan here, it might help. To do that you have to edit it at the top and tick the box to publish a plan. Then you’ll see an url in that top box just above date, opening times etc are and it says you can share that with people to let them view the plan.

Copy and paste that here and somebody might be able to spot your issue. It gives read only access, nobody will be able to mess with it.

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