Why is Space 220 Closed today? (NOT TODAY) A Rant

Anyone know why Space 220 is closed today? I’m not trying to get in - just curious.
However, today is my 60 and I was logged in right at 6:00. Stupid system would only let me book for one day. Around 6:15 I logged in through the app and while the problem was corrected I couldn’t get most of what I wanted. I did manage Topollino’s breakfast, but not the time I wanted.

Space 220 - nope! Steakhouse 71 - nope! 50th Celebration in the Sky (Cali grill) - nope! Ugghhh! :rage: I mentioned on another thread that I’m trying to add an extra night at the end of my trip. 34 hotels and zero availability. C’mon, man!


I have someone who wanted to change rooms recently. I looked for the dates and there was exactly one room that would work on all of WDW property

Inventory in November has been scarce for months :frowning:


Since when is CRT pay upfront? :unamused:

I didn’t think 220 was taking reservations yet, only walk up.

I could be mistaken. Once I saw the menu items and prices, I lost interest.


Saw some vloggers were there.

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Yeah, I searched for weeks for what I ended up with and I booked in June. Swan/Dolphin is available at the moment, but $700 for a standard room. :crazy_face:
If I’m going to spend that much I want to stay at a Boardwalk resort or Poly.

It was in 2017 when I booked it. So for at least the last four years.


The thing which causes this to catch folks by surprise is when they previously booked it but were on the dining plan.

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Cindy’s got trust issues.


This makes sense as I don’t remember having to pay upfront. I’m going to change my mind if I end up getting Space 220, so I guess I’ll just let them “hold” my 60 bucks for now. :roll_eyes:

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It was was walk up only for the first week. After that you could make ADRs.


I’m a little heartbroken over my ADRs for my upcoming trip. I only have 2 for a 7 night stay- and I’m only happy with 1!
I have:
Garden Grill -really wanted breakfast, but still happy for lunch since
Epcot is opening later
Prime Time- the theme doesn’t interest me and the menu doesn’t either…I see things I would eat but I’d rather have QS than a $20 salad. Still keeping for now in case we just need a break indoors…in early November
The worst part- We are at the Poly for the first 2 nights and can’t get Ohana. :sob: :sob: Staying there may be a once in a lifetime thing and I just can’t imagine not eating at Ohana while we are there.


Get your reservation finder requests set up. :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: you can get Ohana


Sending positive vibes a reservation will turn up for you. :fairy:

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From what I understand the CMs that called people to cancel their reservations yesterday offered no explanation why it was closed today. I was trying to shuffle around some reservations today and was experiencing lots of issues with dining reservations today in general.


Can’t book CRT online …

This has been an issue for a while now. The only way I have been able to access any possible CRT reservations is through the desktop browser.


I’ve been looking for Olivia’s Cafe for 12/4, our departure day (60+7). The website has no reservations starting on Thanksgiving day and after. Disney’s website is definitely messed up. There is no way Olivia’s Cafe is that popular.

You’d be surprised, actually.

I had great difficulty in securing it for my late June trip and then was totally unable to modify it.

It was, then anyway, one of the few restaurants where they definitely were not using all of the available tables in an effort to maintain distance. Not sure if they are still doing that but if so that would also impact availability.

I’ve tried parties of 2, 4, and 6. I can find reservations at all kinds of times for various party sizes 11/24 and before. But as soon as you hit Thanksgiving day, there is nothing available for any size table at any time. So I don’t think they releases reservations.

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