Why is my TP recommending I start with Millennium Falcon and not Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway?

I got spoiled many years ago walking on all the rides so if the wait is more than 20 minutes it’s hard for me. But I know the parks probably won’t ever be that low anymore. I’m talking about 16 years ago ha


Us too. DH is willing to wait on one long line per day. Other than that his max is 30 minutes.

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So I am going to WDW Thanksgiving week and here is how I plan on attacking DHS. I am going to use Genie + and pay for RotR as well. I am on site and plan on getting to DHS at 7:50ish for a 9am park open (hoping they let us on siters in at 8am)

AT 7am I am going to make a LL for Slinky hopefully around 9:30am and buy a RotR LL for whenever I can get one but hopefully late morning/early afternoon.

My first stop is going to be MMRR and then off to ToT and RnR. I am think I’ll get the first two done and beat the off site crowd to RnR, but we shall see. Once I use the Slinky LL, I’ll be shooting for LL for MFSR or TMM. Hopefully get to re-ride ToT and RnR later with LL as well.

I am going to monitor lines/waits in the next few weeks, but MMRR is so much closer to the ToT and RnR area that I feel like that is the best use of my time for early morning entry.


Sounds like a good plan!! Thanks!! :slight_smile: According to thrill data, it seems SD LL goes quick. https://www.thrill-data.com/waits/attraction/hollywood-studios/slinkydogdash/

What is wild about the SDD G+ times, is that the standby times haven’t been bad at all. Worth skipping the wait, but not if it messes up your G+ strategy or TP.