Why is MK closing at 4:30pm?

I’m trying to plan my trip to WDW for this November and the crowd tracker shows me that MK closes at 4:30 pm on November 30th. On Party days the park closes at 7…does anyone know the reason the park is closing so early this day?

It shows as a 3/10 crowd day which would be great, and I have a park hopper so I don’t mind leaving to visit another park. But 4:30 ruins my plans for an ADR in the Kingdom that evening.

Probably a private party/event.

I didn’t even know that was possible…you can rent out the Magic Kingdom and shut it down??? That must cost millions!

I think it would cost about a million. Maybe 2 million depending on how many rides were open and if they did fireworks.

Think large corporate types.

Like Disney :wink: They have cast member nights.

They’re not the only ones who use the park, but they definitely do.

TheDis is celebrating its 20th anniversary in June. They have rented out Epcot at night, have several attractions open to guests attending the party, and are having a private viewing of Illuminations.

It’s probably something similar.

That piqued my interest. I can’t see anything on the Disney calendar past 31 October…

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I noticed that too. I couldn’t find info on that date anywhere and wonder where TouringPlans got the info from. Is it a mistake? I sure hope so because it already sucks that the park closes early for X-mas parties for half of my vacation…now they are taking one more evening away from me!

I’d be surprised if that wasn’t just a mistake…the park hours aren’t even published that far out yet and as for private events…arent those usually for after park hours? Not shutting it DOWN at 4:30?

When are you going? @haylekk and I just returned 28 Nov to 3 Dec last year…it was by far the best time from a person who only went in Sept before.

It was amazing!

I was just told in my TA private FB group that it could possibly be a private DVC event…? Any DVC members know for sure?

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Now I’m hearing that it could be a CM appreciation night event type thing…calling TA line to ask if they know anything.

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I see that same closing time on Kenny the Pirate’s crowd calendar. He calls it a “non-guest event.” The calendar on wdwmagic.com says 4:30. It also shows that on a calendar similar to the TA calendar at http://www.disney-pal.com/MagicKingdom/operating_hours/WDW_TAC_2017Nov.pdf. It’s not just Touring Plans saying 4:30.

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Couple of things.

  1. Depending on the date, the times are not published yet. Check back 180 days from your arrival date to MK
  2. You may also want to look to see if the Christmas party is on that date.
  3. Keep calm…too early to worry.


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Between the cast member event and the parties I won’t have many evenings available for Dinner ADRs at MK. That’s why I worry. My 180 day deadline is approaching fast.

Those are almost the exact dates of our trip. Staying at Polynesian for first time (our second trip to WDW ever).

very nice place…was in 2009

No, sometimes they do actually shut it down early for those kinds of things. It’s rare, but it happens.

Its 4.30 on here:

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do you have a link to a similar December 2017 calendar?