Why is MDE so difficult? Irritated rant

I am having all sorts of issues with MDE. I feel like I just want to delete my account, get a new name, and start over.

I have made quite a few hotel reservations (the details are that we need 2 rooms, so I booked when 2019 rates came out and then have gotten better deals 2x since then so I canceled the 2 rooms and rebooked same rooms, same dates but had to do a split stay 2 nights and then 7 nights). I should have 5 remaining hotel reservations: 2 rooms at same resort for first 2 nights, 2 rooms at same resort for the remaining nights, and then 1 back up room at a different resort for whole trip in case 2 of the people in our party decide not to join us due to schedule conflicts.
My MDE lists the ones I’ve made, some I’ve cancelled, duplicates (5 of them actually) of one that never went through due to website issues. And the one reservation for the back up room that I want is not even there and not found–even though 5 others with different res numbers are there but are actually cancelled. Ugh.
Same with dining reservations. I’ve cancelled a couple (maybe 3) and then adjusted times with 2 others which then should have “replaced” the first one. But instead ALL of them are still listed.
I’ve called WDW and they say the ones that are cancelled are really cancelled on their end, but it is hard to remember when I’m looking through plans and trying to plan my TPs. Did I really cancel the 1155 ADR and change it to 1240 or was it the other way around? And I have to scroll through a million hotel reservations listed on each of my days “Staying at POP” “Staying at Pop” “Staying at Pop” “Staying at CBR” “Staying at CBR” “Staying at CBR” ad naseum. It’s ridiculous
I should add that it is like this on website and app even after logging out and back in and deleting and reinstalling app. I’ve tried the tricks I can think of. I have cancellation confirmations for all of them in my email.

Anyone else have these issues ever? I’m going to call again hopefully Tuesday. Should I see if they can wipe my account clean and then add back all of my reservations manually by linking the confirmation numbers on my end? Any other brilliant ideas? I like neat and orderly not confusing and cluttered. Sorry for the rant and thanks for reading if you made it this far.

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I must be in the minority, but I have never really had problems with MDE. But I’m a pretty simple user; I make a room reservation and have never had to change one. I’ve not had ADRs or FPPs “disappear” on me, and when I’ve made changes to those, I’ve not had any problems. The only real complaint I have is the number of times it crashes - sometimes at very inconvenient times. I do 90% of my MDE stuff using the website on a PC; a few on the spot FPPs are about the only time I use the app; I wonder if that’s the difference?

Like @bswan26 said above, I had never really had issues with MDE, and I change a lot of reservations. Well I should say I did not have issues until recently. The last few weeks…ugh! Ever since they changed how the resort reservations are listed, I have had problems. This weekend the first 3 days of my December trip no longer had any ADRs, FPP or even a resort. They finally have returned this evening. I also can no longer modify hotel reservations online, the link to change resorts goes nowhere. I like to change my resort and room type a lot, especially when there are so many discount options available like there are right now for our spring break trip (every day something new pops up on either AP discount, Disney Visa discount, or the public spring offer). So yes, I feel your pain and sometimes think it would be easier to start anew. Hope you get it all sorted!

I’d make an excel sheet of what you think you have, then call Disney and run through everything, checking it’s all on their system, then you can make a seperate list of things you’ve cancelled and is still showing up. My ADR window never opened up on my laptop, and I’m worried I will have the same problem with FPP

I would call today if these are all in your name. There were two reports on chat last week of Disney cancelling overlapping reservations. Well, one cancel and one refusal to book. The cancellation was done without notice and when called the liner was told the system no longer allows it. Another person tried to call and add an overlapping reservation (it could not be done online ) and she was not allowed to book it.

Interesting. Maybe that’s where the one I am missing went?? The other overlapping 2 are in my husbands name. I’ll be unhappy if I can’t make an alternative reservation in case 2 of our 7 people can’t come bc then we only need 1 room. Should I make another MDE account for that one?

The other 11000 reservations are cancelled and Disney says they are not there but yet I see them. (Its like I see dead people! :joy:)

I will make a spreadsheet with all my confirmation and cancellation numbers and call again.

Makes me think they are trying to crack down on the “leading reservation” to gain FPP advantages.

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I’d ask the CM if they have any suggestions. If not, I’d seriously consider this:

Double check with the CM to see if they think it would work. It would really stink to go to all that effort and somehow end up with the phantom reservations in there anyways.

Like you, I like things to be neat and orderly. It would drive me bonkers to have phantom reservations all over the place. I’m so sorry you’re having these troubles!

Good one. :slight_smile: That made me smile.

I have had the same issues with ADRs. Several duplicates show up, I cancel the duplicates then the original ADR went away. It’s so frustrating. Plus I keep trying to modify an ADR and every time I try it’s unavailable. GRRRRRRR.

Like some kind of magic pixie dust, my son has a 5 day park ticket listed in my MDE due to expire in Jan 2019, even though I know he doesn’t. I spoke with a CM and he reassured me that yes, if DS walked to a turnstile tomorrow, he’d be allowed in the park. I thought this was near brilliant and tempted fate to try and reassign the ticket. In full karma, the new CM told me that once he looked at the back end and tried to move the ticket, it wasn’t really there. He claimed it was because we made a change in the number of days once we arrived during a trip we took in August 2017, which I don’t remember doing, but that doesn’t mean it didn’t. Their whole IT is unpredictable and bonkers. Take copious notes, including who you talk to and what time and what exactly they say. That way if you have any problems, they can pull up the recording and honor any promises. Good luck!

Thanks for your advice. But this does not make me feel any better :laughing:

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Never had issues with MDE until a few months ago and then poo hit the fan. Tickets disappeared for awhile, reservations cancelled ADRs missing and on and ON…:confounded:

Sorry to beat a dead horse here, but I just randomly out of the blue got a “we are so happy you are coming back to visit us soon” email today for my CBR reservation that was made weeks ago. This was the alternative reservation I tried to make online but had website issues, and MDE said it didn’t go through so I tried again (apparently 6 times over the course of the day) as it then showed up 6 times a few days later, complete with unique confirmation numbers. When I called, the CM said the extras autocanceled and the charges disappeared off my card (no refund, just disappeared). All 6 reservations still appear in my list of reservations, but are not seen by the CMs on their side. Guess I will call AGAIN. I’m starting to wonder whether this is a bad omen. The endless MDE saga…