Why is it listing AK opening at 9 am, isn't it 8 am?

For October 2022, why does the crowd calendar have Animal Kingdom opening at 9 am like all the other parks, I thought that was the one park that opens at 8 am.

Aka…really 7:30 am if you are staying on site.

What date in October?

I just looked. They updated to the 1st but are about 9 days behind?

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Looking at the WDW site, their hours for AK show it opening at 8:00 only on the 1st, all the others open at 9:00. Disney updates hours just a few weeks at a time, mostly.


So they are not behind?

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I’m not real sure who you mean by “they” - WDW or TP? What does “behind” refer to?

I was guessing you meant WDW was late in releasing updated hours, but was that for all four parks or just AK? Sorry, I hate to interpret things wrong.

No. TP is not behind. Accurate and up to date since Disney is only showing hours up to the 10th.


I was following up on my post (right before yours) that TP had the 8 on the 1st. I assumed based on the OP’s original post that the dates were updated (day by day about 70 days out) and TP was lagging. If the dates have not been updated then my post, and question have been answered.

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That was why I was asking if they were 9 days behind!

Yeah, I think the OP needs to understand that it’s Disney’s future park hours they are confused by, not TP’s.


Yes, we are going on Friday October 21st. Too early for calendar. I thought Animal Kingdom was 8 am almost every day.

It always is for the whole month of October. Expect the opening time to change (from the current 9am in early October) to 8am at some point.

Opening times sometimes are changed to earlier times as it gets closer to the dates. It may be extended to 8 am, but you can’t count on it until announced. I find that looking at the historical opening times for the same time of year gives a good sense of the parks with opening times most likely to change.

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Yep. First thing I check.