Why is DLR so crowded on Super Bowl weekend?

Does anyone have a theory as to why the crowd levels would be so high not only on Super Bowl Sunday (2/7/16), but the day before as well? The Super Bowl isn’t a national holiday which is held on what would otherwise be a normal work and school day for many. If anything, it would stand to reason that there would be fewer guests in the parks, especially on the day of the Super Bowl, since so many will be at home and at Super Bowl parties watching the game. TP’s Crowd Calendar has DL at 9/10 and DCA at 10/10 on Sat., 2/6 and DL at 8/10 and DCA at 9/10 on Super Bowl Sunday, 2/7. Thankfully my park days are 2/3 - 2/5, but the “why” of the super busy weekend has me scraching my head.

I’m not sure. I’ve heard it’s because many figure that the parks won’t be busy because of the Super Bowl, so they end up going to DLR.

As for me, I’d take DLR over the Super Bowl any day.