Why is Disney's website always not working?! (fastpass snafu)

Is anyone else trying to make FP+s this morning and utterly failing? I booked two FPs, and when I went to go book more, the website just stopped loading… I’m on the phone to Disney and my wait is a short short “more than 90 minutes”!

Arghhh!!! It is too early for this! >.<

the site is TERRIBLE
I was trying to book the candlelight dining this morning and it was a huge issue.
I had trouble on my FPP day also - I kept have to reload the pages - I saw a lot of Olaf
Did you try it on your mde app on your phone? I was going back and forth. Sometimes the app worked when the computer didn’t

I just don’t understand how or why they’d allow their site to be THIS BAD. They have (essentially) unlimited dollars. Fix the damn website!

And OOH good idea to try using the app… I’m getting farther than I did on my computer… but nope, now it says “Fastpass distribution is done for all parks on this day.”



I curse Stitch and his page eating ways multiple times a day. I don’t even know why I try sometimes…App stinks as well, but least I don’t have to see stitch or woody taunting me

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It’s awful. I had the same problem my FPP day. I wasn’t able to get SDD as a result. Not a happy camper. And I bounce back and forth between the website and the app - any day, one of the two is not working. Very frustrating.

I wrote an email on my FPP day. No answer so far, how long can it take so say ‘we are aware of the issues and working to fix them’ lol - which is what I expected.
But while it wasn’t great in the past - it was not like this They really should have money to fix it

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Never liked Disney’s website, even for basic stuff. Like, when you want to look at/compare resorts, etc? The pages take forever to load, and sometimes error out. Then, if you want to look at the same resort, but different dates, it doesn’t consistently let you and you have to start over again. They need to install a much larger number of servers and/or have proxies to accommodate demand.


Agreed. I can not understand why a company this big has such terrible IT infrastructure. And it just seems to be getting worse.

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That’s terrible @FindMeAFishingSpot!!! I lucked out and had already booked SDD and FoP before it stopped working, otherwise I would have been IRATE. Hopefully you can keep looking and maybe one will pop up?? Fingers crossed…

We’re going to keep trying but if not, I told DS we are doing SDD no matter what. The current plan is to spend a great deal of time looking for a Same Day FPP and if no luck, go right before closing (I can’t handle the rope drop thing - we do rope drop, but we go to the parts of the park that aren’t in demand so that we’re out of the mad rush).

This story from Fast Company is everything you need to know.

The Shorter™:

  • Scope creep
  • “Agile development” is the worst thing ever.

A more systemic issue, not unique to Disney is that information systems, even at this late date in history, still isn’t seen as a core function. It’s not given the - for want of a better term - prestige it deserves. It always has to accommodate pushback from sales, marketing, et cetera. Because management will always play the outsourcing card if it doesn’t.


But Disney has already outsourced its IT in 2015 so that threat is off the table, but it still doesn’t improve the service. :weary:


I don’t work in IT, but work on the ‘business’ side with IT and we never have the budget to do even 1/2 of what we want. Even if we have the budget we don’t have enough people in IT to execute.We also frequently have to cut initial requirements to hit a deadline given by someone above us so things go into ‘phase 2’ which almost never happens. I could get fired for posting where I work - so just let me say we are in the top 10 of the fortune 500 so not small :slight_smile:

And this!
Scope creep is why we run out of money & time (don’t get me started on people that ask for the world with no idea what it takes to get it)
And started using Agile this year -HATE IT
However, almost all the IT issues we have only effect internal - not the external customer.
With Disney, since it is really required that we use their web-sites, one would assume that they would make them work.
If enough actual customers complain they will fix it. Especially since it is so bad now that it is effecting your ability to spend money :slight_smile:
I frequently haven’t been able to do vacation pricing/comparing & they don’t have the staff to handle the calls they get when the site doesn’t work.

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Scope creep is creepy. :wink: But it comes because, as everyone knows, software is free as long as it fits in the memory footprint you have available, right? There is no piece-cost to software. (Well, except those licenses we have to buy, and all the actual engineering work!)

I’ll grant a little leeway there. Agile has its place. It can be actually great for small, rapid-fire projects. As long as there is no grander plan to follow. Or, it can also work within the confines of a larger software process. Of course, at that point, it stops really being Agile!

My IT partners tell me I am way more “IT” then ‘business’ because I don’t see the point in even having them get an LOE on something that is clearly going to add time we don’t have.

I’ve been on the phone with them 3 times in the last 24 hours. They did an “update” that messed the whole system up. Tickets can’t be linked, therefore no fastpasses can be issued. They did finally tell me that they would submit my account as being affected and if I couldn’t get the fp’s I want, they would help… We shall see. Until then, they say to keep checking back.

yea, my tickets are still missing after 24 hours…thankfully I don’t have an upcoming trip anytime soon