Why is Disney World still posting "currently closed through March 31"

Orange County (and Osceola County) implemented an Emergency Executive order 2 days ago that orders the temporary closure of all non-essential businesses. It takes affect today, and goes through April 9th. Theme Parks are explicitly listed.
Disney still lists that it’s closed through March 31st. There is no way that the counties announcement caught Disney by surprise.
Why isn’t Disney posting a closure date change so that their teams can begin handling the next round of cancellations and re-bookings?
Universal Orlando has already announced (while Sea World Orlando has also delayed announcing any extension of closure).
Disney’s delay is irresponsible (as is Sea Worlds): it sends a signal to all reservation holders that in these questionable times, they want to wait until the last minute to deal with you.
April 1st reservation? It’s obviously not going to happen for you, but some types of reservations need the “official notice” to kick in to get the refunds in motion / insurance to kick in / re-bookings to take place.
And the question in the world today is how long does this all go on? Closure extensions are a reality.
Is Disney going to handle each of them in such an aloof manner?
Does it give their guests any confidence at all to even make reservations this year?
I don’t actually expect Disney to know the future, but I do expect them to communicate in a timely manner. The fact they haven’t announced a plan for even NEXT WEEK really brings their leadership into question. Is the boss new or something?

Pool: when will Disney post their updated closure date? I"m not talking about the date of when they’ll open, I’m talking about when will someone say, “Lets let our guests know?”.
I say tomorrow afternoon, after Chapek wakes up and gets dressed.

You’re a pest.
You’re annoyed, and distressed.
We can’t get our shate together so we’ll add to the duress.

When are we announcing?
Ask the dishes!

I agree that I would like them to update their notice. But I also think they are trying to manage how calls come in to them so that they can still provide the best service possible under the strange circumstances.

Patience is our virtue right now. Not my forte in the least - but we all gotta try


Likely to control the flow of calls to try to keep their heads above water the service side. Agree with OB, patience is needed here.


I think someone posted this elsewhere, but I assume the current big decision is when to make the next “end date” and they can’t announce without that date too.


Technically that sign will be accurate until March 31st…


My prediction was off by a few hours (unless Bob really did sleep that late today).
But no, I think Disney timed their announcement to be AFTER the closure of the stock market for the weekend.

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