Why have Disney stopped reservations after 12th Sept 2021?!

I’m getting so stressed out!

  • booked for 14 night stay in Disney hotel with park tickets in August from the UK, complete package booked with Virgin;
  • too late to cancel and Virgin website states only travel up to 12th July will not be going ahead;
  • Virgin stated on website we could move our holiday up to 31st Dec 2021 with no charges so we’d decided to move holiday and completed online form to let Virgin know of our decision;
  • I checked prices, Nov 2021 at a different Disney hotel looked affordable so we wait for a call from Virgin to make the changes;
  • now website states Disney are not accepting new bookings after 12th Sept 2021. Why, oh why??!!
  • Virgin state if we want to move our holiday we have to do so before 12th July;
  • dates before Nov 2021 are either more expensive than we can stretch to, or unavailable. I wanted to move it as late in 2021 as possible in the hope that the virus wouldn’t affect the Disney experience too much.

Now it would appear I have to choose between

  • moving my holiday to a more expensive date next year and cancelling nearer the time, thereby losing a hefty £700 deposit, Or
  • not moving the holiday and hoping the Foreign Office are still restricting travel which would entitle us to a full refund. Hell of a gamble though, if the US suddenly announce on 1st August that holidaymakers can travel we’ll be screwed!

Does anyone know why Disney are not accepting reservations after 12th Sept?