Why dos my plan for DHS have me arriving at the first attraction 40 minutes after opening?


Park opens at 9am and I set my TP to start then, but it doesn’t show me arriving at my very first step, rockin roller coaster, until 9:40. Why is that? It is at best a 10 minute walk, maybe 15 with crowds?

My best guess would be that it doesn’t think you have time to do anything before it, but that doesn’t really make sense. Have you optimised a few times? Sometimes it can take a few times to get a good result.

Otherwise you could email it to webmaster@touringplans.com.

Are you forcing it to use FastPasses? You have a 9:40 fast pass for RnR

Sorry, I just saw you have RnR twice! Yes, this does look odd. Agree with @missoverexcited to contact support.

I think it is figuring out that putting something BEFORE RnRC would just leave gaps in the middle of your day. This might be the most efficient use of your time based on the rides/attractions you have selected.

Try putting something BEFORE RnRC, but then Evaluate, don’t Optimize, and see what happens.

Gaps in the middle of the day shouldn’t matter if the total wait time is shorter, and the shortest wait times will be at RD…so technically I think the most efficient use of time should be to have rides at RD and gaps in the middle of the day when waits are long. But we won’t know without testing it.

Yes. Although, if the setting is balanced, it might find that having a ride or two up front might save time waiting, but increase walking time considerably.

What I’m wondering then is if it doesn’t have my first ride until 9:40 can I just no really worry about RD and chill out, stroll in a bit late and be fine. or is it saying 9:40 IF I am there right at rope drop.

If you have a FastPass, then the time before 9:40 doesn’t make a bit of difference. You can do with it what you please!

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True, I didn’t think about the walking/waiting balance.

I have a FP for a second ride yeah, but was hoping to ride it a couple times :slight_smile: Worst case is yeah I just do it once with FP even if I stroll in a bit late.

Ahh yeah me neither. The settings are Very Relaxed and Minimize Walking (the two extremes) because my Father isn’t too mobile.

Still it won’t take him 40 minutes to get back here :slight_smile:

It looks like while you have a 9:40 FP, it isn’t using that FP for your first ride. Instead, it probably is figuring you get in standby line at 9:40 and you’ll get through the line in time to then use your 9:40 FP before it expires at 10:40. It further probably does this because if you use your 9:40 FP first, the line will be longer for standby when you get off the ride.

I’m guessing.

Not what you were asking about, but I noticed you have a note to move Sci-Fi later…I’d recommend against this as you don’t want to have a full belly when you get to the dessert party.

This does probably explain it to some degree.

Given this, you might consider arriving at RD, but then literally strolling down Sunset and Hollywood Blvds and watch the cast members do some of their stuff. It is great just watching them narrate passersby and such.

Dessert party?

My bad, I saw Star Wars Galactic and my brain added “dessert party.” Please excuse me…I’ve had 3 sick kids this week and my brain is functioning at very low capacity!

Ok now I have to see what that actually is!