Why doesn't my TP work out when going by Touring Plans' youtube recommendations?

For my Animal Kingdom touring plan in July, I followed Touring Plans’ advice for Pandora RD by doing Na’Vi standby first thing in the morning. It’s a morning-only plan with a 10:30 breakfast, so it’s a short plan that doesn’t include a lot. First, it will not put Navi as the first ride when optimized, so I evaluated instead. Then once evaluated, the wait times for Na’Vi are not even close to those that are demonstrated in the youtube video. Am I right to assume that it doesn’t account for the park’s early opening and for those that are in line an hour before open? And if that’s the case, shouldn’t there be someway to enter that? I just want a fairly accurate plan. I haven’t been to Pandora since it opened, so I have no personal reference. I know some people add their plan to their post, but I don’t know how to do it. TIA

Ok, I am trying to understand a few things. First, when are you doing flights of passage?

Where do you see this advice?

The video Brian did about rope dropping flights of passage?

I couldn’t get a FPP for FOP until 12:15. But still wanted to get Navi done early. I’m not sure which video it was, it may have been that one, but I think that one was when he discussed doing FOP at RD and then did Navi after that with a minimal wait.

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If you are there an hour before rope drop you should be off Navi a little after official opening time.

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The touring plans software assumes that, say when the park opens at 8:00, that you actually ARRIVE to the gates at 8:00 and are already behind the hundreds (or thousands) that were at the gates an hour before RD.

I know the only way to get around this is, in MK, there is an option to add the show at the central hub prior to RD. No option for that in AK, though.

Your only recourse is to RD Navi as you stated, check it off the Lines app, and reoptimize. And honestly, that will fix the issue, but not until you actually get to AK.

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Had this issue too. What I did was arrive an hour before RD to make sure we were cleared through for the early open they do at AK lately; as for the TP, advice here seemed to be that if you were well positioned pre RD then you would be off it by 9:00 (official park open time) or just there after .

So I put a 5 min break in as my first thing I think and then a 1 min “meal” at Satuli Canteen as a location finder and put a note to myself it was for NRJ. Then put in what I planned to do after NRJ. It worked well for being in alignment with real-time I thought.

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Also to add your plan to your post, go to the top of your plan and edit it - check the option to say publish it. Then it will give you a certain URL (on the page in the description area - NOT your webpage URL at the very top). Copying that and pasting it will create a version other people can see by clicking on it.

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