Why does it show a wait time for a counter service on my plan?

Is it because it’s the one in Pandora (Satu’ll Canteen) and the 52 minutes is how long we’d have to wait for a table? Is this to be expected at 3:38pm on Monday, October 30th? The park is showing a level 3 crowd. Thanks!

I figured it out, sorry! I forgot to add flexibility time. So I guess my question now is…SHOULD we expect to wait for a table at Satu’ll Canteen at 3:30-4pm on Monday Oct 30th with a 3 level crowd? I imagine it’s the most popular restaurant in AK now, or one of the most popular.

I believe online ordering is available at Satu’ll Canteen - I would recommend using it to avoid the wait to order. Online ordering should make things relatively optimal I’d expect.

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Thanks for the reply, Damavs. I did know about mobile ordering, and I definitely planned to take advantage of that. I guess I was just concerned about finding a table to sit, but we could always sit somewhere else if we had to. Or walk.

Another question. Are you allowed to have food and drinks while you’re waiting in lines for rides? For the Na’vi River Journey, for example? Or will we be asked to throw it away at the entrance.

On FOP there are trash cans through the line, About 1/2ish way through it there is even a water fountain, but there are not bathrooms in the line. I would assume Na’vi river journey is the same way, i cheated an FPd that one.

Thank you!