Why do the parks show 6pm closing on 10th May

Good afternoon all
I’m looking at my planned day for universal 10th May 2019 and the parks are showing as closing at 6pm. Is this likely to be correct? If so any idea why?

That is during the Mardi Gras events at Universal. There’s probably a concert that evening or something.

Thanks are official park hours or special events listed anywhere?

Well, when I check Universal’s own Park Hours, and also check UnderCover Tourist’s, they both show the parks closing at 9:00 pm that day. Where are you seeing the park closing at 6:00?

However, I also did see that there is a Mardi Gras concert that night. I’m not sure how that affects park hours for sure.

Hi Ryan when I set up my touring plan for that day it’s showing 6pm close so it’s within the hours touring plans are giving me.
I thought Mardi Gras events were done by April hmm. Please can you tell me where you found Universal’s official hours.

You know how May starts with the letters “M A” and how March starts with the letters “M A”? Well, do you see my problem? One cannot definitively tell the two months apart as a result. May, March. One and the same. Right?

Yeah. Um. Right.

Easily done lol :joy:

This is where you can view the hours. May 10 definitely shows it closing at 6:00 pm.

Ok thank you, I wonder why but good to know its correct info.

Possibly a private party. Last time we were there in August US shut at 6pm because a company had hired it out for the evening. Though for both to be shut seems unusual - maybe it’s not though.

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Hmm interesting that must have been some party!
The couple Fridays before this one also show 6pm closing as far as I can see.
Not sure if this makes it a good day to visit as others may avoid the short hours or I should avoid because of the short hours haha

It’s hard to know what to do for the best. I hadn’t even checked the opening hours that day and we didn’t get there till lunchtime so it was a bit of a shock :joy:

Lol oops I was just wondering why my plan was telling me I wouldn’t fit in all my attractions and then I finally clocked the hours.
Think we might go that day with an express pass and try to blitz it from late morning. I reckon then we can get round most things. Then we have a second day for anything we missed. I’m then wondering whether to try and arrive early on the second day (14th) to get to Potter bits but actuslly as we don’t have early entry might work better to go later and maybe check Volcano Bay first thing. But I’m not sure how long waits for Potter will be.

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In our experience, it is best to hit HP as early as possible. By noon, and for the remainder of the day, it tends to get VERY busy. Getting there early allows you to experience it with the lowest crowds.


I agree with @ryan1. Most people with early entry will be starting to leave the Harry Potter areas around opening so I wouldn’t worry too much about that, especially with Express passes.

Thanks so you think HP would be manageable around normal opening time? Would plan to arrive nice and early. I was thinking this for our non express pass day as we can hit the HP attractions with the passes but I would like to return for some quiet ISH touring and spell casting on a second day.

The quietest it will ever be is first thing and last thing.

Yes. This.

We were there in February of 2018 with CLs of 2. Despite this, the crowds by noon in HP were becoming unwieldy.

Definitely hit it early. With Express Passes, you’ll get through rides (since there are only four rides total if you include the train and Flight of the HIppogriff) very quickly and can focus on the sights more.

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Ok my husband found the answer
I think probably best making an early escape from the parks that day in this case :joy:

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Interesting, I knew about grad nights for seniors but didn’t realise they had them for other age groups.