Why do I keep screwing up?

For some reason I thought the height requirement for RotR was going to be 44" and thus my 40" DS4 would not be able to ride. So I made Oga’s ADRs for 3 (me, DH, and DS7) on opening day and the two days following to ensure us entrance into the land. And then tonight I noticed the height requirement is indeed 40". Ugh!! I was able to get an Oga ADR for 1 within an hour of the original ADRs, but I don’t necessarily want to have to wait until 1 hour before the second time to enter. Do you think they will bestow pixie dust upon us and let us all go in together at the earlier time? Assuming the land is at capacity and guaranteed entry is necessary, of course.

I am also going to call Signature Services and see if they can make some magic happen for us.

Ihope you get everything sorted out! Good luck!

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I think those are both good tactics, and try the res finder, too.

But I also think you’re being too hard on yourself. You’re not screwing up! There are so many moving parts with a Disney trip, it’s hard to keep track of them all. RotR is a new ride- who knows, maybe the height you read somewhere was a misprint etc. But even if it wasn’t, things like this happen and the overall impact on your vacation will be really small and not worth dwelling on considering all the other awesomeness you’ve engineered for this trip!


Yes, thanks! I did do that. I have one set up for 4 people, and another set up for 1 person.

Ain’t that the truth! I used to be such a detail oriented person, but having small kids really puts a damper on that!!

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Omg! Just do you know you are in good company! I just changed the flights, the hotel, and parts of our tickets!!! Somehow it all worked out! Best of luck!!!


I just scored an ADR for 1 only 5 minutes after our ADR for 3 on 12/5. Yay res finder!!!