Why can't I upload a profile photo?

Yeah, same. Gravatar option isn’t working either.

Whatever was done overnight seems to have fixed it. I had to relog in this morning and now I have custom avatar abilities again.



Gravatar is working now too!

Question for the dummies in the room: what is Gravatar?


Weird. I don’t think we changed any configuration settings. This might have been something with the service itself.

There was some kind of random update earlier.

On my first visit here this morning the board was functioning normally.
A while later it gave me an error message that the certification wasn’t active or something like that.
Soon it said it could not connect to the server.

A while later it brought me to the page but I had to re-log in.

Whatever it was fixed the avatar thing so that’s good!

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Gravatar is essentially a way to have a universal custom profile pic based on your email address. A lot of sites can automatically pull your pic from there based on your registered email address.

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Oh gotcha. Thanks!

Noticed a few changes this morning from my phone/app.

The heart, link, etc images are right aligned instead of left aligned.

And when I reply, it goes to full screen so I can’t see previous replies while I type.

No biggie.

Oh yeah, and I also had to log in this morning.


I contacted the company that hosts our forum last night, and they identified some issues and updated our software. This appears to have fixed the avatar issue. Yay!


When I “hearted” a post, my phone did a quick vibration. Kinda startled me :joy:

Ooh fun!

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hm, didn’t do anything for me…

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Who knows, I am on android.

To whom ever fixed it

Thanks :wink:

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Apparently I’m in Massachusetts today…

Yay, I’m in the cool kid club now! Thanks @PrincipalTinker and @david for helping get it fixed!


Cool! We should do lunch :slight_smile:

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tough break.

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Nah. Gorgeous day to be in the city!

Drove through it four times this weekend and wished I could have stopped to spend some time!