Why can't I add most character meets to my touring plans?

Can’t find any way to add character meet and greets to my touring plans. Anna and Elsa are listed, as is the character meet spot at Epcot. Almost every other character is not.

Why aren’t the other characters listed for addition to touring plans?

It seems rather pointless to make a touring plan and omit character stops. There’s no way I can optimize or evaluate a touring plan without those stops. I have a 3 year old, he wants to meet ALL of them.

It’s frustrating enough to create a working plan, how about including everything offered at the parks?

I’m pretty sure you can.
If you go to the ‘what to see and do’ link and then click on attractions, it gives a full list including character greets with the star ratings etc. there is a little blue hyperlink ‘add to plans’ which if you click on will bring up a box for you to select any of your existing plans you’ve made to add it too.
this is the magic kingdom page

I hope this works for you. I’m fairly new at this, so don’t hate me if i’m wrong :smile:

Yes there are ones for MK meets with Anna and Elsa, and other princesses (I’m guessing because they are so popular) and also for the character meet in Epcot, but that’s pretty much it.

There are no options for characters in other parks like Buzz and Woody, or Mike and Sulley etc. and these are the ones my kid wants to meet.

sorry. can’t help there then. maybe they don’t have regular meet times?
I haven’t been to wdw yet, but I know at Disneyland last year those characters tended to pop up at different times rather than have a formal greeting area.

Thanks, but no. These are characters that are available almost all day. It would be easy to include them as an option in touring plans, but they aren’t for some reason.

from what I can read, they vary seasonally and can change daily, so I guess it would be hard to include in a regular plan if they change a lot



As @quattro4 mentions, the M&Gs that are not available for PTPs are ones that have no set schedule, unlike the Princess M&Gs. The times, locations, and characters vary daily, so there is no way to properly “plan” for them. One solution is to insert a number of short breaks in your plan to set aside time for M&Gs, and you can also set your walking speed slower to allow for more time for random encounters.


The short breaks are the way to go. A few 20-minute chunks throughout the day should work.

Part of the problem with the secondary character meet-and-greets is modeling the wait times. Disney may say that Mike and Sully are available from 10 AM to 4 PM on the Streets of America, but they’re not available continuously, and the break times aren’t known in advance. Trying to predict the impact of something like that in between Fastpass+ or a dining reservation would be difficult.


Check out Kenny’s site for a more accurate schedule of character meet times. You can then plan for breaks in your PTPs for those times. I advise you to arrive early for those meet times; they will cut the line once a certain number of guests are queued up.