Why aren't there any TP for multiple days using park hopper?

We are visiting next week and while I’m glad to have found any kind of help to navigate DLR and DCA, I have seen that most ppl say to get park hopper passes as hopping isn’t a big deal there and you can hold FP in both parks that way. But there are no plans to tell you how to do this!!!
So, is our best bet to just do a 2 day DLR plan and a one day DCA plan and not worry about hopping?
Also, how do you work in the extra hour you get on one of the days? Because if we try to hit most of the rides say in Fantasyland during the extra early hour then we will have already done a bunch of stuff on the DLR plan.
Thanks to anyone who has some good tips for us folks who haven’t been to DLR for about 15 years!

If you have a mobile group then hopping back and forth is very awesome & easy to do and allows you to experience all your favorites on both sides without having to segregate. If you will be with small children or any other type or group that is less mobile, sticking to 2 DLR days and 1 DCA day is a pretty good strategy.

As for making plans with hopping, you’ll have to do your own personalized plans and since you can only do one park in a plan for any days you want to hop you’ll need to do 2 plans. You can have one plan for each park and put the time you will spend in the other park as a break (with notes to go to your other plan). OR if you are just going to split the day in half and do DCA first then DL at night, you can set the start and end times for the plan according to the time you’ll switch over to the other park.

I have done both hopping back and forth, hopping just once and very rarely have done no hopping. It will largely depend on what shows/parades your family wants to see, as that what is what I find usually drives our hopping from park to park.

What I do is start a plan for the first park, put in a break for hopping to the next park, and then restart the first park after the break. Also, the touring plans will ask if you want to use EMH that day in the park…just make sure you mark that you do and it will let you plan for the rides that will be open during that time.

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In your opinion, if we are park hopping which park should we go to at what part of the day? Thank you for your help!

Since we have APs and don’t qualify for early entry unless staying onsite, then our strategy is usually to start at the park that doesn’t have early entry that day. Depending on how tired we are we will show up 40 min-10 min before rope drop to line up at the gates, the earlier you can get there (especially on a Monday or any opening that’s 9am or later) the better.

As for hopping, it’s all based on what meals we have planned (or decide on a whim) and what shows/parades/shopping we want to see and do. If we start the day in DL we can easily spend the whole day there; however, if are finding there’s too much gridlock in the narrow walkways to enjoy, DL that’s a great excuse to hop to DCA for the later afternoon/evening and just sneak back into to DL for FWs and Paint the Night parade. If we start at DCA, almost always we will end up in DL at one point or another, just because we love the DL side.

If you qualify for early entry everyday, start at every park that has early entry and then you can hop based on the above still. Sorry it’s very general advice, but it really does depend on what the showtimes are for what shows we want to do and we work in rides around that (and usually start with the rides and slow down our progress as it gets busier).

This was disappointing :frowning: I don’t know where to start having two separate plans for one day. How long to stay at each park, what times are better to go back and forth. How many attractions to include for for the amount of time allotted at one park and which attractions to inlcude? I can totally mess everything up. I’m comfortable navigating around DL but not around CAL. Has anyone built any custom 2 day 2 hopper plans that I can borrow? LOL.

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It really all depends on what attractions and shows you want to see on how you structure the plan. I would recommend spending at least 2-4 hour chunks in each park and base it off any shows that you must see.

My family likes all the night shows so we usually plan in advance which nights we plan to see which shows. Depending on what other shows the family wants to see, I try to plan for more of those in the later part of the day (the parades usually). Then I save the morning for a ride and/or character meet fest that slows down between 11-1 with a midday break usually starting sometime around 1ish, or whenever we’ve hit our limit of heat/crowds.

In DL, as long as you start on a non-early entry day, Fantasyland and Tommorrowland are priorities to hit first and early. Followed be either Adventureland/New Orleans Square or Toontown next, depending on your groups interest. If you’re starting on an early-entry day, head to the west side first since Tomorrowland and Fantasyland will already have queues built up from early-entry guests.

For DCA, I always like to start at TSMM since it doesn’t have a FP and waits build for it. You could also start at RSR and do all of Carsland. Either way, I would do both of those early on. If you don’t do the dash to RSR first thing, or you want an additional ride on it get RSR FP first, then you’ll be able to get FPs for Soarin, ToT and if you wanted Goofy’s Sky School and/or Grizzly River Rapids. Hollywoodland, Bugsland are pretty safe to be done anytime during the day as well as the front side of the pier (Swings, Jumpin Jellyfish, Golden Zephyr, Ariel’s and FP for Goofy’s Sky School) since those waits don’t tend to build. If crunched for time the Swings, Jumpin Jellyfish and Golden Zephyr can easiy be skipped as well as the Fun Wheel at the back of the pier, but I do love the view you get of the parks from the top of the Fun Wheel. We like to it shortly after TSMM so it’s early on.

You should be able to start plugging this into customized plans on the TP website and see what your day starts to look like. One of my favorite things is putting together a plan and coming back to it over and over to better it. If you have any more questions about when to put what where, ask away!

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Gosh, you are so helpful! Thank you for taking the time to explain some things.
We do have young kids who have never been on rides so we are going to basically do all of fantasy land first (DL is not an early start day) to kind of break them in. We have cake table reservations at 2:30 at the plaza inn. So right after that we will probably spend the rest of the day at DCA. Thursday we start at DCA so we will do RSR, TSMM, and get our world of color FP. Everything else is going to have to fit in there somewhere :slight_smile:
I feel like 10-9 doesn’t give us much of a day.

And thanks for offering to answer any more questions I might have. Appreciate it!