Why aren't plans taking into account early admission

So working on my plans for Universal - we are staying on site and have unlimited express and early admission. Even when changing the time to 8AM instead of 9 - the plans don’t start until 9. Additionally I would think that they would concentrate in the HP part of the park?

I had the same problem when I started planning our UOR trip too. Then I found that there are only select attractions available during the early hour. Here is a link that lists what is open https://touringplans.com/universal-orlando/early-park-admission
Also, check the calendar to see which park is open early because it changes based on the day/time of year.

Check you have ticked the box at the top saying you are using Early entry. Check your park has early entry that day. Only 1park has epa apart from about 10 days over Easter when its both. What date /park are you looking at.

If that doesn’t work, post a link to the plan here and I’ll take a look. Thanks for using the site!

oh great and all seeing Len - I’m not worthy - I’m not worthy

OK - that time it worked - not sure what I did wrong -sure it was a PEBKAC issue. Since I have everyone’s attention though - is there any way to have a touring plan that incorporates both parks in a single day?

You need to do 2 sep plans and line up start / finish times. Have you looked at the pre-made plans they are a good starting point.
But with Unl exp you don’t really need a plan. You only need to work out when to do FJ ( rd or near park close) DM ( epa rd) Gringotts ( after DM or at park close) and the Hogwarts express ( before 11 or after 5). Everything else just use exp pass for.

cool - that is what i had heard. thanks

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