Why are there so few rooms available (even at rack rate) for the next several months?

I barely got a 1 night stay at the end of Oct but now there are no values and only a couple of moderates available in Feb. A Disney rep said that more locals were staying there post-hurricane. But even the new discount packages were booked up almost immediately. What’s the word on Main Street?? Thanks!

There has been talk that there is a “glitch” in the WDW reservation system that makes it appear that there are no rooms left in resorts. However, people have been saying that for several months now, and I cannot believe that this is still the case as empty rooms that could otherwise have been booked is a huge hit to the bottom line and Mickey is all about the Benjamins.

I also read an article that talked about how all the refurbs on hotels have drastically reduced the available number of rooms.

At the end of October (Halloween) I can see why. Now I just recently booked for the special in Early March and there were still rooms available at Port of New Orleans Riverside. Rack rate? No problem! I see many out there available on-line. I know Disney Reservations have had problems on and off for a few days but I have been able to get out there and book if I wanted to Want to get a room and save big money? Try the travel agency Magical Vacations Travel. DocHopper