Why are crowds so high on a weekend in mid october?

Oct 18-20 (sat to mon) is showing 5-8 at all the parks. I've never been to WDW at this time of year but I thought it would be less busy. Any thoughts?

FL school winter breaks, I think.

Orange County (FL) is on break from Nov. 24-28 this year, but I'm not sure about other counties.

Edited because apparently I can't read a calendar -- was looking at the wrong months.

October 23-27 are the holidays, so there may be people taking their kids out for the beginning of that week or the previous weekend.

Add F&W and MNSSHP close to Halloween to the mix

Food & Wine Festival - We are all drunks! smile I'm going this weekend smile

All of MN is off of school Oct 16 - 17. That would be the following weekend, so maybe us snowbirds?