Why are Crowd levels at HS high before Star Wars opens on Aug 29th

Why are Crowd levels at HS high 21- 28th August before Star Wars opens on Aug 29th ? Before it was announced that Star Wars was opening 29 Aug the crowd levels between 21-28 August were low, then changed to high even though Star wars isnt open? Confused!

Have you seen updated crowd levels? My dashboard still shows HS as a crowd level 1 for 8/21. I was dismayed that my ToT FPP was so late in the day and SDD gone for me at 60+3. I am really curious what the July predictions will say.

Guessing here. One reason is some may wish to visit and see the park before the chaos begins.

Another more likely reason is the hope for a soft opening of parts of Galaxy Edge.


A lot of people are trying to hit HS ahead of the SWGE opening.

Sorry, 21st is still a level 1 but its goes to 5 on 22nd and 6 on 23rd !

Let’s hope that is right!

We are there that whole week - the second to last week of August - and I didn’t receive any change to crowd calendar predictions for the days/parks we have scheduled.

Sorry if it’s messing with your plans.

Welcome to the forum! Disney has announced special preview for different levels of APs holders. I believe it will span roughly 2 weeks before the date, but details haven’t been provided yet last I heard.

What’s a little confusing is that in the July Crowd Calendar update it suggests that week before SWGE opens will be ‘very lightly attended’ and ‘will see some dramatic reductions on this update’.

6-9s don’t seem too have been reduced too much, nor do they suggest very light attendance?