Why 10 or 9 CL all week at HS? When others get as low as 7 or 8?

We are going to Disney the Week of March 11th. It’s spring break so we know the crowds will be high. However, Hollywood Studio is crowd levels of 9 or 10 all week. Other parks go as low as 7 or 8. Why is HS so high that week? Even on days after an EMH in HS the previous day the Crowd Level is a 9 or 10. Is there something special going on?

Thanks for your help.

CLs are a function of how long you will be on line, not necessarily on how many people are in the park or how crowded it “feels”. DHS has the fewest number of rides, therefore there will be more people trying to ride each one, therefore a higher CL.

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I learn something new here on the forums everyday! I didn’t realize that crowd level was based on wait times in line. Thanks for clarifying this!