Whose photo is that? Memory Maker query

We’ve only activated our memory maker today and I’m disappointed to see that the test track photo that has appeared isn’t ours. Who can I ask for help to see if they can find our photo?

We had the same thing happen - there is an online form you can submit:

they found ours fairly quickly

Call guest services. I’ve had to do this. However, be prepared to be on the phone for an hour. You’ll have to sit on the phone while they dig through 100s of photos

If you can remember the approximate time you were on the ride it will go a long way. (Especially if you used a FPP to get on - they’ll be able to narrow that window of time down even better.) They’ll be able to see other pics from that day to see what you are wearing.

(I was told they don’t look at faces - just outfits. It would be too hard to look for faces)

Definitely fill out the online form. I was missing a Splash photo and they were able to find it. I was very detailed about time, clothing, etc. The more info you can give them, the better. I included another picture of us from that day.

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There’s an email address too, that’s what I used. Disneyphotopass_support@disneyworld.com

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They do ask that you wait for your photo to be missing for 24 hours before you reach out. But, the online form is very easy and they’re pretty quick to resolve…especially if you know when you were on the ride.

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Thanks everyone! I have completed the form.

If you’re still at DW, there are some photopass locations that you can go to and they’ll help you find your photos immediately.
I had to do that last trip - RnRC pics weren’t ours. I went to the one in Epcot, the next day, and it was a quick process. However, I believe that location at Epcot is closed now.

I got a bunch of other people’s photos on my MM. I hope they got theirs, too, because a few were really cute. We got all ours, though.

I have lost some photos in other years and had to go to the Photopass shop in Disney Springs to find them. I don’t think that’s the procedure anymore.

One thing, though, keep those photos you got until they find yours. They may be able to use the time stamp on them to find yours.