Who's visiting at end of August?

I recently read an article that now puts August as the worst month to visit (based on crowd and weather) with the last week being the worst of the year. Growing up we always went the last week in August because crowds were lower so I was kind of shocked. I do feel like I’ve seen quite a few people on here post that they’re visiting in August. So just curious who will be going end of August. We’ll be there 8/18!

Where did you read this article? The weather will be hot and most likely it will rain at some point every day (think rain forest). It will also be like this through September too?

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What article?

I’ll be there 8/19-8/23. We usually go in February and October but I’ll be in the area for work and it’s my kids last week of summer vacation, so we’re going to give it a try. Sure hope it’s not one of the worst weeks!

It’s on Disney Tourist Blog. I can’t vouch for how accurate their info is, but found it interesting they mention last week in August.

I definitely know about the weather but our plan is always head back to hotel/pool for afternoons. And we’re definitely not afraid to put on a poncho and brave any rain :grinning:

August traveler here! 55 days!!!


I hope so too!

Yay! 49 days here! Getting super excited!

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Lol, I have traveled in February, April, May, June, July, August, September, October and December. The craziest crowds (the I am scared I will not make it through this crowd in world showcase and it is 9:45am and Small World has an 85 minute wait) was a long weekend in early December . You just never know!

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58 Days here! I get that it’ll be hot as Hades, I’m banking on locals being in school though I just got the email that the crowd calendar was updated to reflect CL of 5 rather than 2 most days. I still think that’s going to beat most times to be there.


56 days for us. It is hot but I have not found the park that crowded in the past on the last week or two of August. I think the free dining that is offered it to bring crowds in. If the parks were going to be that busy I don’t think they would offer it then


Just a thought…UK kids are still on their summer break at the end of August, they go back in September. There are a lot of great deals being advertised over here to encourage the U.K. market…free dining, 14 day hopper tickets for the price of 7, gift cards etc…I don’t know if this has had an affect on the crowds for late August.

I was wondering if the annual pass people will be filling up the place because their blackout it over.

I thought I checked that a few days ago and it is lifted early in the month?

That’s great!

Hot an swampy. But crowds get lower and lower as August rolls on and schools fall back into session. So only half right information.

I will be there Aug 28-31 and I don’t know what to expect other than it won’t be as crowded as when I go for the the marathon.

I know they moved Halloween party earlier as well as F&W which some people have complained that they specifically booked to not have crowds for those two events and now they happen together in that last week.

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That’s why we always went then so I thought it was strange. It’s our first time back in 6 years so I didn’t know if things had changed. Here’s hoping they are wrong.

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To directly answer the question in the title of this thread: Crazy people!! :smiley:

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I’ll be heading down August 28th-September 2!

I’m definitely starting to get concerned about crowds though, my CLs jumped up for the week. Not only that, when I went to make my FP+ for AK 60 days out, FoP was completely gone, and some days even had KS gone or limited to evenings, which I’ve never seen before, let alone this far out.

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