Who's got a cruise countdown?


8 days until we board the Wonder in San Juan.

Assuming planes are flying.


208 til our first Alaska cruise, on the Wonder!


124 days until my Dream Birthday Double Dip!


138 until my first Disney cruise and I am jealous of @lizzieanne771’s double dip!


Which ship are you on?




Well… 149 days til my CARNIVAL cruise. :wink::smirk:


26 days to my first cruise AND first Disney cruise on the Dream! Can’t wait. Don’t know what really to expect other than a great time.


Good for you! I’ve done DCL and it’s excellent. The price point is just too high for my family to repeat. Have a great time.


54 days until a 3-night Dream cruise. It will be my first cruise (ever) and so obviously, my first Disney Cruise as well.


120 days to my Dream Double Dip!!