Who'd a thunk it?

So, since we’re about a year + 30 days out from our trip, I’m “sampling” the 30 day FP availability THIS YEAR to better plan for NEXT year (assuming, of course, Disney doesn’t mess the whole thing up by changing the FP system…which they may do).

Anyhow, so far I’m surprised that the park that will probably give me the MOST trouble in security FPPs is Epcot! I mean, I’m not counting the rides that I KNOW I won’t have any hope of getting FPPs for, like SDD, 7DMT, FOP, etc. But there is a TON of FPP availability for almost everything we’d want…except at Epcot.

I suppose it makes some sense. Few rides, really, and more Tier 1 options. Still, I wasn’t expecting it. Makes me hopeful that next year we’ll be able to get through almost everything we want without issue and just have the few “big” waits (like FOP) to deal with.

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I did that same thing last hear for this upcoming year.

But most importantly… can you get one for 7DMT? :wink:

No. But I don’t even care about 7DMT. Not worth waiting any amount of time for in my opinion.

I agree I’d never ever go standby for it, they almost directly feed the FP+ queue onto the ride so you wait a ridiculous amount of time for the length of the queue.

Where do you check availability outside of whatever your FP window is?

I’ve already purchased my annual pass (not yet activated), which means the system thinks I have valid tickets and can let me see any FPP availability up through 30 days. Without tickets or an annual pass, however, you can’t do this that I’m aware of.

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Which is why I put the wonky face…

Gotcha…I’ve had my UT tickets for a couple weeks now. Was planning to link them over the weekend. I’ll check it out then :slight_smile:


You can use that. What I was trying to find out was, at the time when the 30 day Fast Pass window opened, what would actually still be available. I guess the time period I chose for us to go is a good one, because lots of FPPs are available 30 days out.

With park hopper tickets and more than one dinner reservation in Epcot, I decided that we’ll do standby for our Epcot rides in the evenings (picking up a day of FPP if lucky), rope drop another morning to catch a third 1st tier ride, and then save our FPP for rides at other parks with longer waits later in the day. My TPs were giving me reasonable evening waits at Epcot, so that just made more sense to me.

I didn’t know you could do this with an unactivated annual pass! Thanks @ryan1

That may well change as HS may redistribute crowds.