Whoa, what just happened to my wait times? Nov 30th MK

Up until 3 minutes ago my waits were all under 10 minutes at each ride.
My plan starts at RD, going to Jungle Cruise, Pirates, then to the mts. My waits were: Jungle cruise 3 minutes, pirates 2 minutes, splash 10, now they are all 16 minutes?

according to @len @Lentesta the models are updated pretty regularly and that will affect your TP’s.

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This was the first update I’ve noticed in about a year, and I am on here a LOT changing things. :slight_smile: Pretty significant, I went by the waits all this time, now I apparently need to attempt to change FPs because this pushes my times way off…

@Fred can help answer questions here. Post a link to the plan(s), please. Thanks!

The exact same thing happened to me this week. All of the wait times at all of the rides increased significantly, from under 10 minutes to up to 30 minutes, even though the crowd levels did not change. The program was also changing the order of attractions quite a bit each time I optimized.

I had also been both evaluating and optimizing frequently, and up until this week they were always very similar. The change didn’t happen until this week. I would also be interested in knowing which wait times are closer to what we should expect. And I’m really glad that I wasn’t the only one who had this happen to them.

http://touringplans.com/plans/print?id=936144 Here is Nov 30th. I optimized it to see if it helped. SO a couple of things are not as I had them.

Dec 2nd I can post too, that one changed too, and has me taking rides out to make FPs. I had Speedway but to make it work I took it out. Granted a few I figured were off, so I adjusted on my own (Figured IASM to be 10 min, it originally was 0), but Jungle cruise at rope drop being 16 minutes and Pirates 15, I was not counting on. :slight_smile: Thanks for the help!

Here is Dec 2:

@disney13. My touring plan did the same thing. You can see the link in my post earlier today, if you’re interested in comparing.

FYI, I do have my previous plans printed if you need to see what they jumped from and to

@jac9014 I tried to look at your plan but it wouldn’t let me snoop.:slight_smile:


Did that work?

It tells me I have no access. :frowning:

I posted my touring plans, any word on if these ropedrop times are accurate? I

@disney13 I don’t know if you saw my other post today, but the advice was to e-mail Fred@touringplans.com

3 of my TPs increased in waiting time and 1 decreased. None by more than 16 minutes. Total net change for all 4 days was plus 23 min. Hard to complain about that.

Also, closely check the TP starting time. When I reevaluated my EP plan it initially showed a 74 min increase - but then I noticed that it changed my 8AM EMH start to a 9AM regular start. Once I changed this back, the overall wait times actually dropped by 16 min.

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JC was 3 min changed to 16 min
POC was 2 changed to 15 min
Splash was 10 changed to 14 min

arrival for BTMR went from 10:03 to 10:33 (FP 9:30-10:30)

I had originally adjusted figuring we’d be at BTMR around 10:15ish bcuz those 3 and 2 minutes seemed low, but to jump to 16 and 15 at rope drop seem a bit over to me. We will find out in 29 days…
FWIW the sites I’ve compared to say 5-10 for the first 2 rides at RD, so someone will be closer, kind of curious to see who it is! :slight_smile:

edit to add, I did change my original Fps after this. The only change was 5 minutes later, so it was 9:25-10:25, but that made me nervous, so I bumped it to 9:30-10:30.

I have the exact same problem for November 30th. Buzz went from a 2 min rope drop to 13, then JC went from 5 to 21, POC went from 3 to 19, HM went from 10 to 20. Crowds are supposed to be really low because of the evening party. I don’t know which plan to follow, so I guess I’ll just have to use the live app version and keep checking times. I have no idea what this will mean for my FPP’s, but I’m not going to change them. So frustrating after weeks of planning and fine tuning. :o(

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I sent the links for both of my plans to Fred, so let’s see what he has to say. :o)

I don’t know why bswan26 has such different results than everyone else. I’d like to do what they’re doing. My Magic Kingdom plan went from 126 minutes in line to 251 minutes in line, using the exact same attractions in the exact same order. In fact, after the re-evaluation, we went from 99 free minutes to not even finishing the plan in time. Like everyone else, I’m hoping that what we actually encounter is closer to the first plan’s times.

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I want to be Bswan too! I’m right with you.

The rope drop wait times have had a big jump because there is a fpp line from opening now which there wasn’t until about 10 am before. So people arriving after you might get on before you as they will have fpp thus increasing wait time for standby.

I am aware of this. These increases just happened in the last few days tho, I’ve had these plans for months making adjustments. I would have thought the increases would have been recognized before the last few days, we just has summer afterall. FP has been used for almost a year now.
While other sites are reporting less RD times on some of these rides, TP more than doubled.
It is frustrating, but I made a few changed to make it work if these are correct.
I don’t know who is closer to being right out of all the predicting sites, it’s kind of like predicting the weather, but I’ll find out at the end of the month!